Designing a fresh roof garden – useful and great tips for you

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Design a fresh roof garden – useful tips for beginners and some wonderful pictures

Create an oasis on the roof terrace that you will enjoy all summer long.

Pots & Containers: Choose a comprehensive design theme. Most people think that terracotta pots in different sizes, scattered all over the terrace, look great!

. (Caution: terracotta dries extremely quickly and the plant roots are ‘baked’ in it, making it difficult to keep anything other than geraniums alive in such containers.) This ‘eclectic’ look strain works well in small gardens where there is a lot Green and shade are there, but fail in a modern condominium. There is a wide range of different and modern flower containers on the market, if you really want to have a roof garden, remember to arrange the plants in isolation from each other.

Pots and plant containers

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Soil: Regular triple mix will never work, it densifies easily and there are no worms to aerate the soil. A high-quality container mix with a slow (preferably organic) slow-release fertilizer and a lot of perlite or vermiculite is also worth the money.

Soil and maintenance

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Drainage: If you have a large container, it is important that the bottom has “feet” or at least some space so that the air moves and water flows out of the pots. This is particularly important if the upper balcony overshadows your balcony. The soil lining with the filter cloth will prevent soil particles from crawling out through drainage holes.

Architectural landscape design on the roof

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Weight: If you want to design a large project on your terrace or balcony, make sure that the structure can support the entire extra weight. Saturated soil and concrete or clay pots can really add a lot of weight.

Matching plant species

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Plants: Having a nice set of pots is fine, but be sure to choose suitable plant material. Perennials are worth investing in if your tanks are deep enough to support new growth and isolated or protected from the wind enough to survive the winter. There are a number of wonderful annual plants to choose from. Balance your flowers with foliage – an everyday Boston fern looks beautiful in the right setting and requires little maintenance or sunlight.

Wooden flooring

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Flooring: Such a beautiful floor increases the value within a house, it makes a dramatic difference on a terrace. Most condos have concrete blocks, which gives an impersonal and cold look. The easy-to-install decorating over the existing paving stones (be sure not to drill into anything or spoil the roof membrane in any way) makes the difference.
If you don’t want to use wood as flooring on your patio, there are several recycled decking materials on the market with different patterns and colors.

Futuristic building design

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Space: Think about how you want to use the terrace space; is it a place where you will invite guests, retreat and relax or just enjoy the beautiful view? Decorate outside in a similar way as inside – candles and pillows make the outside look soft and add a romantic feel, sculptures and stones can add a natural feel. Every garden should reflect the styles and preferences of the people who live there; it is usually a place where you usually want to relax a little.

House design designed and constructed by experienced architects

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Care: Choose plants that are easy to care for. Bonsai can be beautiful, but can be difficult to maintain. Flowering plants usually need to cut off the flowers used to promote permanent flowering. Watering is necessary and can be easily forgotten if the weekend campaign storm takes hold of you. If your patio gets full sun all day, remember to move the pots closer to a shady area or to order someone to water them.

Tips and hints for beginners

fresh roof garden design idea designCaution: Finally a few things to consider, these are factors such as wind: many city terraces are susceptible to sudden gusts of wind or a constant breeze, so be careful with light plastic furniture. Candles that stand outside can get in a messy pool of wax at the end of a hot summer day, and terracotta pots dry very quickly and break if they are tipped over by wind or a careless foot – many types of pots on the market are made of polyurethane and are not easily broken or split in winter when icy temperatures come in.

And finally, you create a cozy seating area

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Roof gardens: 9 expert tips
Create an oasis on the roof terrace that you will enjoy all summer long.

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