Fighting mosquito mosquitoes: These home remedies will help you

The annoying little mosquitos that flutter around houseplants are black gnats. These are generally harmless, but are an indication of over-watering and / or rotting of the plants. There are several ways to control black gnats and their larvae, including home remedies, homemade sprays, and natural insecticides. Read on to learn how to fight the annoying blackbirds.

Fighting mosquitoes: the following tips and tricks will help you

how to fight mosquitoes with home remedies

Black gnats look like fruit flies or tiny mosquitoes, but are not related to them. However, they don’t sting, but are quite uncomfortable. Black mosquitoes occur in damp sewer areas, household drains and moist plant soil. They lay their eggs in damp earth and their larvae are only half a centimeter long and are barely visible to the naked eye.

But what can you do about these annoying little insects? Here are a few tips and home remedies to help you fight mosquitoes …

Black mosquitoes are harmless, but quite annoying

Combat black mosquitoes Use home remedies

How can you naturally fight mosquitoes?

Make the solution yourself with detergent

Homemade sprays with detergent can be very helpful in fighting several types of pests. You can quickly and easily make such a spray yourself. Check out the recipe.

Rotting leaves and roots feed the larvae of the mosquito

Black mosquitoes fight home remedies houseplants


  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap
  • 1 liter of water


  • Mix the water and detergent well and place in a spray bottle. How to get a 2 percent solution.
  • Test the spray on a single leaf first before spraying the whole plant.

If the leaf is damaged, treat it with a 1% solution that you prepare from 2 tablespoons of washing-up liquid and a liter of water.

Dissolve detergent in water and fight against mosquitoes

Moth mosquitoes fight home remedies make homemade solution yourself

You can do something else to successfully combat the mosquitoes. Dip the infested plants together with the pot in a bucket full of water and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of detergent to the water. After about 15 minutes, let the water drain completely out of the flowerpot.

Spray the leaves and soil of your houseplants

Black mosquito control home remedies spray houseplant

Make your own solution with olive oil soap

Olive oil soap and all-natural soaps contain fatty acids. These are the active ingredients in insecticide soaps. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid olive oil soap with 1 liter of water for a 2% solution or 2 teaspoons again with 1 liter of water for a 1% solution. If the power water is hard, use bottled water to prevent soap scum build-up on the plant. Pour your homemade solution into a spray bottle and shake it vigorously. Then spray the plant itself and the soil. However, make sure that some plants are sensitive to soap solutions. Test the solution on a single leaf first and wait 24 hours before treating the entire plant.

Olive oil soap is a natural home remedy for black mosquitoes

Black mosquitoes fight home remedies detergent

Repot infested plants and water properly

Let the top 2-3 cm of soil dry out in the flowerpot before watering the plant. If the soil remains moist for a long time, it is better to repot the plant. Remove dead or rotting roots before transplanting the plant into the new flowerpot. Add new soil to fill up the root ball and stomp gently. After repotting, water thoroughly and let the soil dry out before watering again.

If the soil remains moist for a long time, you have to repot your houseplants

Black mosquitoes fight home remedies repotting houseplants

Throw away the old damp earth!

Black gnats fight home remedies moist soil

Take the plant out of the pot, remove as much soil as possible without damaging the plant, and then repot it

Black mosquitoes fight home remedies repotting plants and watering them properly

To fight the larvae, you can put up to half a centimeter of garden sand (no play sand) on top of the earth. This dries much faster and the mosquitoes cannot lay their eggs.

Put garden sand over the earth

Black gnats fight home remedies garden sand

Every second time you water your infested plants, add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water. This kills the larvae of the mosquito.

Add vinegar to the irrigation water

Black mosquito control home remedies use vinegar

A natural trap

Put some apple cider vinegar or red wine in a bowl and then add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Place the bowl near the infested houseplants. The mosquitoes will fall into the bowl and die. Replace the solution every few days.

Black gnats drown in a solution of apple cider vinegar and washing-up liquid

Combat black gnats naturally using home remedies

If your houseplants are repeatedly infested with blackbirds, getting rid of them completely can be a serious challenge. Do not give up anyway and you will successfully fight the blackbirds!

You can also make sticky insect traps yourself

Black mosquitoes fight home remedies natural traps