Make the balcony a special place with climbing plants!

Since the beginning of spring, we have published several articles on garden design. But surely many of our loyal readers live in the city and only have a balcony. So how can we design it for summer so that we can achieve more relaxation and closeness to nature? That would be e.g. possible with suitable climbing plants. First, we offer you some strategies for decorating with them. Then we pay special attention to four suitable climbing plants.

Ivy makes the facade look a bit nostalgic, but is otherwise a classic among climbing plants

Plant balcony - balcony at the window

Vine plants for better air

Vine plants are a natural air filter for the balcony. Especially in the city where we have a big problem with dust and dirt, this is of course a strong argument for their use. On the other hand, many people are at risk of allergies. This comes mainly from the poles of the flowering varieties.

If you have this health problem, you should avoid flowering climbing plants.

The climbing aid is advantageous in many ways

Planting a balcony - green plant ideas

Privacy and sun protection

Climbing plants are quite suitable for privacy and sun protection. To do this, however, you have to create several prerequisites so that you can achieve the desired end results. There are various lattice structures on which the plants can gain a foothold. The material is of little importance and is more of an aesthetic decision. Position the climbing aid so that you are protected from the sun by the right side. In this case you should also choose full sun varieties. The shady or semi-shaded ones would dry out quickly under these conditions.

Many climbing plants go well with the green facade design

Planting a balcony - modern facade design

Climbing plants to decorate a facade

Climbing plants also serve as a balcony decoration and thus also as facade decoration. Especially when it comes to the street side, the aesthetic aspect is of particular importance when choosing. The different climbing plants can form different leaves. Some look more modern and others evoke associations with traditional historical buildings. Think carefully about what kind of impression you actually want to give and choose your plants accordingly.

This is a particularly popular plant – the black-eyed Susanne

Planting the balcony - black-eyed Susanne

Fragrant climbing plants

If you have no allergies, you could choose climbing plants with a nice aroma. In this case, you have to make sure that it is comfortable for everyone in your household and maybe also for your neighbors. Then this decision is clearly positive. Fragrant climbing plants will very likely also attract insects …

Climbing plants can also fill the ambience with a nice fragrance

Planting a balcony - great ideas for balcony design

Insects and birds

The climbing plants would turn your balcony into a small natural garden. This has its peculiarities, such as that it could attract insects and birds. Be prepared for this and consider whether you might even be able to expand your habitat with some artificial measures. There are also enough means to protect yourself and your home from it.

Many climbing plants are suitable for both the balcony and the garden

Balcony planting house ideas facade design

How can you use climbing plants on the balcony?

It would be most practical to use the climbing plants in plant tubs with sufficient volume. The better the roots can develop, the higher the plants grow. The climbing plants logically need vertical surfaces. Balcony walls could of course fulfill this function. With some varieties of climbing plants, however, this could affect the strength of the construction. Therefore it is advisable to install a lattice wall or other type of climbing aid. This is very practical when it comes to sun and privacy protection. You can use the additional vertical surface to determine exactly which side the sun is shielded from.

Clematis is ideal for pergolas, but also for many balconies

Balcony planting purple plants ideas

Climbing plants for the balcony

Black-eyed Susanne

The main advantage of this climbing plant is the bright appearance of the flowers in universal yellow-orange. It looks very good on both modern and traditional facades. Unfortunately, this species is not very easy to care for, because it must be very well shielded from the wind. Because of this and because it only loves partially shaded places, it is rarely suitable as privacy and sun protection. This plant is annual, which, depending on the situation, can be seen as a disadvantage but also as an advantage. If you don’t want to take care of them in winter, then it suits you well. However, if you do not want to use plants every spring, this is rather inappropriate.

Planting balconies great ideas for the plants


The vine plant is also known as the clementis. It would be ideal as sun protection as soon as its lower part is in the shade. The upper part can get a lot of sun. It is a perennial. The care consists in good irrigation and ventilation.

The climbing plants purify the air

plant a very small balcony



Modern balcony sofa for a cozy outdoor area in summer

Plant a wall with a black-eyed Susanne balcony


Ivy is probably the most obvious and popular choice for balcony design. We can see this in many historic, old buildings. It automatically awakens such an association and should therefore be avoided in modern buildings. On the other hand, its nostalgic charm is absolutely welcome in historical buildings. Again, it is not suitable as sun protection because it loves partially to fully shaded places. The ivy, on the other hand, is wonderfully suited as a privacy screen. This plant is not a good choice for facades. Once anchored in it, it can only be removed all year round. That’s why you should install climbing aids.

Climbing plants are also suitable for modern facade design

High wall design - planting a balcony

Our special tip: Bell vine

The bell vine grows very quickly and has magnificent flowers in the charming Fomr von Kelchen. The leaves grow very close together and you can achieve wonderful privacy. The bell vine, also known as the bell winch, could grow anywhere in fully sunny to shady places. The plant is also ideal as sun protection. When caring for it, you would have to pay attention to regular and abundant watering.

These are our tips and recommendations. You can find more about the right varieties of climbing plants for the balcony in the following video.

The courtyard can be spiced up very well by climbing plants

Design the courtyard - great decoration - plant your balcony

The bell vine is a very beautiful and at the same time universal climbing plant

planting beautiful ideas on the balcony

Great decoration for the decorative balcony plant