Modern landscaping design for your yard

modern landscaping design gray pebbles subtropical plants

Modern landscaping design

Maybe there is gray gravel, stepping stones and modern planters in your yard, but the modern look is still missing. Today we have some tips for you on how to achieve the modern open space design.

Entertain yourself in clearly defined zones

A base of the modern landscape is that the zones are clearly defined.

The geometry makes the garden unique and close to nature. It is also important to make the garden interesting. Here we see pictures of a beautiful contemporary garden designed by D • CRAIN. Note the rectangular figures with gravel, which create a stepping stone effect.

Gravel and grass define a contemporary garden

How many separate zones can you make? In this example, there is everything: a swimming pool, water system, covered porch, modern planters and plenty of flower beds with local grasses. A perfect design!

Clearly defined zones in a modern landscape

modern landscaping design tall grass outside pool

In this picture we see that the ground vegetation serves to separate the support zones, for example the pond next to the swimming pool. Gravel, tiles, grass, water and lush plants are combined in an ideally planned landscape:

Gravel, stone and grass in a modern yard

modern landscaping design bamboo and water lilies

In addition to the extensive green lawn, the courtyard also has a pond with a drain pipe. Note the decorative elements used in this space – concrete paths to the grass and bushes along the fence. The result: a segmented but uniform space

Water system in a modern courtyard

modern landscaping design gray tones green areas

Another separate zone is the seat with the fireplace. Do not forget the impression that a clearly defined porch can give.

Outside seating in a modern courtyard

modern landscaping design elegant sitting area with fire

Different materials were used for the next courtyard – concrete stepping stones and veranda, wooden boards for the open space, lush green lawn. The colors create an impressive visual contrast.

A back yard with a nifty landscape

modern landscaping design stylish back yard

Even if your free space only has a clearly separated zone, you can design it well. This is the back yard designed by Rees Roberts + Partners LLC. Bushes form the private room, furnished with well-kept lawn and modern open space:

Green room in an urban courtyard

modern landscaping design reticulated armchairs

Strategically arranged plants

It is not only the selection of plant types that is important, but their impressive placement. The leaves and grasses are grown in neat rows.

Plants grown in rows

modern landscaping design high wire ballast boxes

A similar look can also be seen in the open space, designed by Shades of Green Landscape Architecture. The plants are arranged according to their type, so that they form color overlays from deep red to smoky blue …

Grasses in rows

modern landscaping design terraced with ferns

Do not assume that everything should be ordered in straight lines. You can make strategic compositions using mixtures of plants. The lilas and pinks below contrast with the shades of green.

Nicely arranged plants

modern landscaping design wild and lovely

This is another striking combination of stones, succulents and strange plants. Use your flower beds as a black canvas for interesting sketches, as in the picture of the design by Grounded …

Unique combination of plants

modern landscaping design unique

The next courtyard, designed by Cipriano Landscape Design, uses the power of the plant world. Even if not grown in neat straight lines, the plants look neat with borders on an arch.

Living plants frame a flower bed

modern landscaping design lush vegetation

Use wild elements … in certain frames

The wild elements can also be integrated in modern courtyards. In this room from Grounded, the orange blossoms reach for the sky, but still from their clearly separated flower bed.

Orange blossoms in a modern courtyard

modern landscaping design aloe vera in bright orange

A possible combination is of lush vegetation over the edge of the flower bed. Dichondra is a great option, shown in the picture of the open space, designed by D • CRAIN:

Lush plants create a waterfall effect

modern landscaping design hanging plants ivy

Flora can even flow over modern stairs, like in this stylish room by D • CRAIN. Put this look next to a neat lawn and liven it up with native grasses.

Cascading plants over modern stairs

modern landscaping design large flat steps

In this extra special space from Rees Roberts + Partners LLC, the vines climb onto the walls, and plants in green tones accentuate the concrete and wood in the room.

Wild and well-kept in an urban open space

modern landscaping design a wild sitting area

Finally, we come to a room by Huettl Landscape Architecture with the best combination of wild and well-kept elements. The plants grow around the courtyard, of course, and the neatly laid porch tiles reflect the clean lines of the house’s architecture.

A perimeter of grass

modern landscaping design scandinan

There are several options for modern landscaping. Today we focused on the clean lines and the neat look. Are you enthusiastic about this style or did you prefer something else for your freedom? Let us know your thoughts as a comment below …