Would you like to create a modern natural garden? That is what characterizes it!

A natural garden is quasi modern in itself because it corresponds to the striving for sustainability and harmony of modern people. This could be done very differently and, depending on the variant, turn out to be more conservative or trendy. In this article, we focus on the second variant. We are led to believe that this option is easier and also has more potential. We go into some formal aspects. In addition, we give you tips for environmentally friendly and sustainable design. Finally, we try to inspire you with some ideas to give your own creative power a lot of freedom. This is how we ensure that you will create an absolutely fascinating natural garden.

The natural garden corresponds to the attitude of many modern people

create a small path in the garden natural garden

Creating a natural garden – the main principles

Whether you are creating a modern or traditional natural garden, there are a few key principles to follow.

The rules of nature apply in the natural garden

Create a small staircase - natural garden

Less formality

The formal aspects that make up the style of the garden take a back seat. The interference of people in a natural garden can be guessed at rather than imposing itself. In other words, this man-made landscape will be confused with a natural one. For this reason, there may be a certain contradiction in the fact that the “natural garden” is viewed as a separate style. Perhaps it is rather an attitude that opposes the “stylization” of nature. That makes the garden neutral and universal. Within this, design ideas from different styles could possibly appear.

You could create a natural garden full of mystery and surprises

create a great garden in the courtyard natural garden

Friendly attitude towards insects, birds, animals

Birds, insects and animals are a reason for many to forego the garden. There are dozens of gardening tips on how to keep them away. But do you really have to? Wouldn’t you rather enrich our lives? Shouldn’t modern, nature-conscious people even expand their habitat? If you answer these questions with “yes” from the heart, then you are predestined to design a natural garden.

It is sometimes difficult to determine where the boundary between a natural garden and the natural environment is

Create a beautiful forest - natural garden

Understanding of the relationships in nature

If you want to create a natural garden, the relationship between pests and beneficials is a main topic for you. The first can easily be driven out by the second. This brings life to the garden without having to burden your own health and nature with harmful chemicals. You can learn more about this from the recently published article on our website.

In a natural garden, nature has the highest priority

Create a bench in the interior - natural garden

Fascination with the aesthetics of nature

We will discuss this last aspect of the natural garden in more detail. It largely determines the external, i.e. aesthetic perception of such a project. To what extent do you have to interfere with nature so that it looks beautiful and attractive? The traditional garden styles reach deep into the structure of this. With the natural garden, on the other hand, you rely much more on the fact that it itself creates a beautiful landscape.

Such a garden has an easy-care character

create a very beautiful Zen garden - natural garden

Transfer of the natural elements into your own garden

In a natural garden, elements from real landscapes are, so to speak, transferred to your own courtyard. Then they follow their own dynamic of development. Then you wait and you can be surprised for the most part. The care is reduced to the essentials below. When creating a natural garden, you should definitely place more emphasis on the organic look and less on the artificial details.

Taking nature as a role model is actually a very old tradition

In the picture - create a beautiful forest - natural garden

Monochrome appearance

If you want to create a natural garden, you should generally prefer easy-care plants. Flowers with splendid blossoms, which you should constantly take care of, are the exception. For this reason, the natural garden develops in most cases a monochrome character. So-called meadow flowers grow, which have a rather subtle character. This is also the main reason why the natural garden is basically considered modern from a stylistic point of view.

Natural water sources ideally match the character of the natural garden

create a small lake natural garden

Beauty that you perceive with all your senses

The beauty of the natural garden should pamper all of our senses. The calm, monochrome character relaxes our eyes. This gives us the opportunity to perceive the small, not so gorgeous, but particularly charming details. Even the smallest meadow flowers appear like a miracle of nature. Many scented plants are often used to create a natural garden. So the stay there becomes a natural aromatherapy. Birds and insects, which we have invited to our garden through a bird house or other measures, create fascination with pleasant sounds.

You can be inspired by the real nature for your garden

Monochrome minimalism - create a natural garden

Planning the landscape, DIY projects and natural materials

As promised, we have some suggestions for individual natural garden design. Here they follow.

Create a natural landscape

First, you could plan your own landscape. You could be fascinated by nature. By the way, this strategy is very common in Asian and Buddhist garden design. On the one hand, you could emphasize the natural conditions. An uneven area could be planted so that it looks like a small green hill in the garden. You can also create a small lake and surround it with stones based on nature. Form a small “forest” out of fruit trees or bushes.

Materials that age in a natural way are a priority in the natural garden

Create natural garden - corner to rest

DIY projects

The homemade furniture is as artificial as the others. But your charisma is largely determined by certain spontaneity and impartiality. This corresponds to the idea of ​​creating a natural garden.

Natural materials that get “old” in a natural way

You should choose artificial materials for garden design that will become more beautiful over time in a completely natural way. With Stein, that would be the formation of beautiful patina over time. Wood and metal could also look nobler over the years. That doesn’t mean that you should totally skip care for these materials. You will probably have to edit them in between so that they are not destroyed by the weather conditions. You shouldn’t hide their imperfections, but emphasize them artistically. The natural garden looks stylish and authentic at the same time.

A beautiful meadow in the back yard? Why not?

Create a natural garden - a beautiful natural landscape

The natural garden and the interior

A few years ago, the perception of the garden in the context of the topic “living environment” was totally changed. It is rather an integral part of it and not an extension. If you were to create a natural garden, this would probably correspond in a very natural way with a minimalist or modern interior. In this case, make sure that the shapes in the foreground correspond to those of the interior. Thanks to large windows and a suitable type of window design, one could also perceive the external beauty of nature better inside. In this way you would virtually remove the borders between inside and outside.

We hope you enjoy your creative and beautiful natural garden!

A natural garden can look just as structured

Create a natural garden - form a forecourt

Create a natural garden - beautiful bushes and benches

Create a natural garden - stones and water - great ideas

Emphasize the charm of the natural landscape

Create a natural garden - great meadow flowers

Natural garden create Asian style

Create a natural garden - a beautiful meadow - garden ideas

This kind of garden design is a pampering for all the senses

Natural garden create rock flowers ideas

Create a natural garden - green and other natural accents

Creating a natural garden in a castle

The monochrome character is usually refreshed by light accents

Create a natural garden - lake with beautiful plants

Natural garden create very nice ideas

The natural garden is beautiful and requires less maintenance

Create natural garden Zen garden design bridge

Natural garden create artificial landscape garden design

Create a natural garden Exciting garden design

People like to pair simplicity and beauty

Natural garden create restrained style

Create peace and relaxation in the garden design natural garden

Create a beautiful natural landscape

very nice ideas - create a natural garden

There is a lot of inspiration for a natural garden in Asian culture

very beautiful natural elements - create a natural garden

Stones and natural landscapes - create a natural garden

great house in garden design - create a natural garden

Different elements in the gate design - create a natural garden

Meadow and beautiful bushes - create a natural garden